Introducing The New "State-Of-The-Art" WelcomeHOME Portal

The WelcomeHOME Portal has been developed with you the Advertiser in mind. Having the ability to stay in front of the New Homeowner during their six to eight month purchasing cycle is unheard of. The Advertiser wins and the New Homeowner saves money. It is that simple and that powerful!

Benefits to you, the Advertiser:

  • Longer term advertising awareness with New Homeowners during their key buying cycle
  • Track-able, secure and changeable online coupons, offers or landing pages
  • Having access to New Homeowner email addresses through bi-monthly community e-newsletters
  • Being part of targeted city wide sweepstakes and promotions that drive response back to you

How The Portal Works: A step by step overview of how the new homeowner gets access to your special offers

  • 1.New Homeowner receives their WelcomeHOME envelope in their home
  • 2.The WelcomeHOME website is advertised in the envelope and encourages the New Homeowner to log onto for more savings and a chance to win a sweepstakes
  • 3.New Homeowners log onto the portal enters their zip code and starts to save! They also can enter the Sweepstake tab to enter a chance to win!
  • 4.Instantly the portal collects the zip code of the New Homeowner and serves offers targeted to their new home location
  • 5.A bi-monthly e-newsletter is sent to sweeps entrants who opt to receive helpful tips, promotions and of course more offers targeted just for that city